Bindu Astrology Software Feature

Basic Calculations

Highly Precise planetary Calculation powered by Swiss Ephemeris

True and Mean Nodes

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in all charts (Optional)

Chiron and Part of Fortune in Wheel chart

Tropical and Sidereal zodiac with 20+ Ayanamsas

Mixed Zodiac mode (Tropical Signs and Sidereal Nakshatras)


User Interface

North And South Indian Style

Western Wheel Chart with inner aspect

Opening as many charts as you want at the same time

Keyboard Shortcuts

Transport panel to move the chart to the desirable time.

Create a temporary copy of a profile by one Click.

Powerful Profile Manager

Atlas of longitudes and latitudes

Time zone Database

Color codings:  Exaltation, Debilitation, Retrograde, Moola Trikona, Domicile, and Fatal Degrees

Customizable Desktops


Profile Manager

Add, Edit, Delete profiles

Create Groups of profiles

Search profiles

Preview Charts

Write Several Notes/Events for every Chart

Preview the Transit of events

Backup and Restore Profiles


Automatic Updates

Once you get a copy of Bindu Astrology Software 2017, you have joined Bindu Family and all future tools and updates under this version(2017) will be downloaded for free. Additional Panels such as Dasa Systems, Charts and other calculations as well as Technical improvements and Bug fixes will be downloaded by Automatic updater.

Automatic Online Updater easily update your software. Each time you run the software while connected to internet, the updater automatically checks the changes and will inform you about new updates. You can immediately get the updates or postpone it to another time.

Print Options

3 Print Layouts, Fully Customizable by user.  You can create your own preset for every Layout or change it as you like every time.

Basic Charts and Tools

Rashi chart

Bhava Chart

Sun Chart

Moon Chart

House Cusps

Divisional Charts




Arudha Padas (for all Vargas)

Planetary Relationships (for all Vargas)

Chara Karakas (7 and 8 Scheme)

Aspect Grids


Planetary Tables

Planetary Data:
Nakshatra Lord
Sub lord

Nakshatra Data:
Nakshatra Lord
Nama (Sound)
Tara bala
Gana(Deva, Rakshasa, Human)
Goal (Purusha Artha)

Tajaka Data
Navamsa Lord
Dwadasamsa Lord
Hadda Lord
Drekana Lord
Tri Rashi Lord
Pancha Vargya Bala
Dwadasa Vargya Bala
Harsha Bala


Vimshottari Dasa

Up to 5 layer Dasa Calculations can be based on Moon, Ascendant, 4th Nakshatra, 5th Nakshatra, 8th Nakshtara, and any other Planet.

There is a Search feature to search Date and Planetary Period among Dasa Items.
Transit of Each Dasa Item can be shown by Double Click on the Rows.


Other Dasas

Vimshottari Dasa 12 lords (Including Uranus Neptune Pluto)

Yogini Dasa

Chara Dasa

Nama Dasa

Other Dasa Systems and variations will be added soon through Automatic updater

Fardar (Firdaria) Persian directional system



All Parashari Vargas
All Tajaka Varga

D2 Variations: Parashari, Labh Mandook, Purva Parashari, Venktesha, Sun/Moon, Vikram Mandook, Vanarasi

D3 Variations: Parashari, Garga, Varanasi, Somnath, Parivrittitraya

D4 Variations: Parashari, Cyclical

D5 Variations: Tajaka, Cyclical

D8 Variations: Cyclical, B.V.Raman

D9 Variations: Parashari, Jaimini, Kalachakra, Rasi Tulya Navamsa, Navamsa Tulya Rasi

D10 Variations: Parashari, Cyclical

D11 Variations: Parashari, Reverse, Taurus Omitted

D12 Variations: Parashari, Cyclical, Odd reverse

D16 Variations: Parashari, Manteshwara

D24 Variations: Parashari, Direct order, Cyclical

D30 Variations: Parashari, Varanasi

D40 Variations: Parashari, Cyclical

D45 Variations: Parashari, Cyclical

D60 Variations: Parashari, D.V. Subba Rao


Panchanga Panel








Duplicate Yogi

Dagdha Rasi

Tithi and Yoga Percent

Tithi and Nakshatra Gandhantas


Ashtaka Varga

Bhina Ashtaka Varga Charts (for individual planets in rasi and all vargas)

Prastar Ashtaka Varga (for individual planets in rasi and all vargas)

Ekadipatya Reductions

Trikona Reductions

Rasi Pinda

Graha Pinda

Shodya Pinda


Aspect Grids

Major and Minor aspects

Customizable orbs for each aspect

Show Parallel and contra-Parallels

Large Aspect Grid + Exactitudes

Large Aspect Grid + Distances

Aspects Table

Adjust the aspects by orb on screen

3 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Please add Sarvatobhadra cakra, with option to start with any naksatra, user selectable.
    Also hora calculations from sunrise to sunset (12 hours) and sunset to sunrise (12 hours) would be good for us astrology researchers.
    And please let [NOW] button show current time for place of event/natal chart, not the time of my computer. No matter where user is located, if event/natal chart is for i.e. London, [NOW] button should show current time for London.

    Best regards,

    S love nia

  2. Das Goravani
    Das Goravani says:

    You’ve done so much alone, it’s truly amazing. Not only is the software quite complete but your website is also a gem. I wonder how you do it all. I feel like a relic in your company.


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